Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Morning from Switzerland!

It's not exactly morning here, really it's 3:20 in the afternoon, but I know all my friends are just walking up. It's been a productive two days here in Baar! After arriving, we immediately hit downtown Zurich to see the shops and be immersed into the local culture. We got to see some of the most expensive shops, my favorite so far being Tom Ford, and walk the cobblestone streets. This place is pretty much straight out of a postcard. Panoramic mountain views, beautiful Lake Zurich, and the sound of ringing cow bells surround us. The food has been beyond great and I have some new dishes I want to try out at home. And of course, they serve wine with all their meals, so I can't complain!

Last night we watched as the sun went down and lit up the mountains and visited the old city of Zug. The old feel of the buildings and the little shops and outdoor cafes along the lake were so charming, and paired with couples romancing each other it was what my new friend Nicoletta would call, "So kitch!" (Cheesy/corny/over the top)

Today we made the scenic drive out to a convent/cathedral with some of the most ornate decorations I've ever seen! They even had their own stable where we got to pet some horses. :) We ended up enjoying lunch at a little cafe/bakery called Cafe Tulipan. We ordered these very light pizzas with a long German name that I can't remember anymore. I do remember though that they were fantastic and completely un-American.

It's my uncle Caeb's birthday today so we're throwing a big party with lots of friends and plenty of food and drink. Can't wait to update everyone on more happenings! Btw, is it just me or does anyone else start thinking in the only other foreign language they know when people are speaking a different language around? I've been thinking in French for two days but they speak Swiss German in our area. Maybe I'm just weird, though I think that's already been established :)

Till tomorrow,

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